Mary Jane Vaughan

At Mary Jane Vaughan we are known for the simplicity and understated elegance of our designs.
Quality of the flowers is, therefore, an essential part of our thinking and you will often see Mary Jane Vaughan early in the morning in the flower market checking out new varieties of flowers and foliage.
At the same time, we understand the need for drama and humor in our work, and the impact achieved by the repetition of simple designs. As in any art form, floristry has to have an edge.
Working from a spacious workshop in Battersea, we are in easy reach of the West End and the City and a stone-throw from the flower market. We also work all over the UK, as well as on the Continent.

May Jane Vaughan

Mary Jane Vaughan,
6G Hewlett House,
Havelock Terrace,
London SW8 4AS

020 7385 8400

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