GHA Group

GHA group is in its 43rd year of operation, having been founded in 1976. When you consider that at the time the PC was still some years away, and that the VHS recorder (remember VHS?) was yet to be invented, you will understand that we were working with very different technology.

Unit 67 Spaces Business Centre
Ingate Place, Battersea,
London, SW8 3NS

020 7439 8705

BPB provides a platform for businesses to network, share ideas and to support one another through regular business meetings and events. Sign up as a member to join the community. Advocate Local Businesses BPB works with the Power Station Development, Wandsworth Council and other organizations to help promote local businesses surrounding the Power Station site. Battersea Park Businesses – Contact us and become a member of BPB. Take a look at the Business directory, read articles on What’s happening page, meet the board of directors. If you are using local transport please visit getting here section. Area Improvements BPB is committed to making the Battersea Park and Queenstown Road neighborhood more welcoming and attractive to residents, workers and visitors of the area.

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