Le Bureau boutique co-working space in Battersea

Le Bureau co-working space in Battersea

Your friends, family members or co-workers need a co-working space in Battersea? Le Bureau have space! It’s the perfect match! If you send them our way and they take desk/desks we get a new friend and you get a £500 cash!

Contact the team on www.lebu.co.uk or battersea@boutiqueoffice.co.uk if you can meet the challenge!

Easy, no hassle sign up – no contract, no deposit, simply pay monthly in advance.

Our Story

Co-working was a novel concept back then, so we cautiously opened up with 45 desks. Those filled quickly and encouraged us to double in size to 90 desks – and again we were delighted that the extra desks were taken up very quickly.

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